GS1 Smart Center in Norway

I participated GS1 Nordic meeting  Sep 20-21 with GS1 colleagues from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. The meeting was held in GS1 Norway premises in Oslo.

We had a change to visit the brand new GS1 Smart Center, which was opened Apr 22. The showroom is quite impressive and is arranged so that it models the supply chain starting from the manufacturing all the way to the retail. In between there are several demonstrations. I think a complete tour in the GS1 Smart Center takes several hours or days even – especially if you do some hands on training in all the stations. One can easily learn here in practice how the GS1 system serves the whole supply chain creating efficiency and value.

GS1 Norway is also powering RFID Lab Innovations Center ( which actually has a lot of similarities to the RFIDLab Finland organization ( Their portfolio includes seminars, training, consulting and RFID testing. The GS1 Smart Center has several RFID demonstrations related to apparel business and self check out systems.

Roar Lorvik, CEO, RFID Innovasjonssenter AS, demonstrated in the RFID test lab how fast and accurately EPC tagged books can be identified.

Jukka Wallinheimo

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